IMG_20140625_154707 LCAAHC held its second Open House this Tuesday, 25th June, 2014. The open house was meant to invite the public to come and see for themselves what LCAAHC does for the community, ask questions, visit the center and the gardens and even check out the ancestry books here.IMG_20140625_111609

Among the hosts was Wayne(Tour guide for the day), Salena, the teens in the youth program, members of the garden program and I,the intern.


David E.




“I had never gardened before starting the garden program,“ confessed  David E., one of the youth in the youth program upon being asked about his experience so far.






Director of LCAAHC, Wayne Riley, led visitors around various community gardens and individual gardens belonging to members of the community gardens. There were two tours. I went on the second tour that started at the garden site on griffin street. I was proud of the work we have done there since I came to LCAAHC. The visitors were told about the history of the garden site, shown the irrigation system, including the well from which we get the water; the sheep, among others.

IMG_20140625_112814 IMG_20140625_113906




The Second garden we went to was behind Hart Baptist Church. It is a community garden and we were met by Bill who went through the general overview of the garden that has grown to over an acre.

At the garden, they grow a variety of crops including corn, beans, cabbage among others. I was really fascinated with the way the garden looked. I wonder how many people work there to maintain it.IMG_20140625_122205 IMG_20140625_122331  

The 3rd garden we went to is individually owned.  The gardener has such a good-looking garden and like the previous one, well maintained. I didn’t get the gardener’s name but the crops were looking good. Several of us got sweet peppers, hot peppers and cucumbers from him. In his garden I saw zucchini, squash, cucumbers, peppers among others.




One plant that really caught my eye was this. Can you guess what it is?







By 2pm we were done and back at the center feasting on cookies, sausages, sandwiches,candy, and talking away till 5pm…..

I loved it!!!!