Today I received a wonderful email from one of our first year participants, and I would like to share it with you..

“GYO has been a great learning opportunity for our kids to watch our garden grow.  They are very interested in it and have helped as much as little ones can.  I look forward to seeing their excitement when we have more to harvest!  We have been eating much more salad than usual this summer and have been happy to add lettuce to our sandwiches.  We are enjoying kale.  Neither my husband nor I had ever planted or eaten it [before].  Our 4 year-old son even likes kale!”

– Sharon, first year participant

Not surprisingly, we have had our most successful harvest records this year in the month of June!  Today I added our new total, and we have been able to go above my goal (and the month isn’t even over yet!) with over 1,100 pounds harvested!  

I have started to compile a list of interested participants for the coming season and year.  We have many curious families who I would love to be a part of this wonderful program.  I hope that in the coming years we can double our outreach numbers!

I’ll holler at you next week!