Turkey Enchila's and Jicama salad

Turkey Enchila’s and Jicama salad

Oh my goodness I just ran over to the garden to get a couple onions to make turkey enchilada’s for dinner. Last week I had bought a Jicama at Kroger’s and I thought oh what’s here to make a fresh little salad out of that. First I found the Candy onions looking quite gorgeous then I was wanting cilantro. Of it’s all seeded out then I noticed the Papalo mexican herb in the herb bed. I tasted a leaf ummmm sort sweetish lemony ??? Ok I’m trying that. Then I found my 1st sweet banana pepper. Home I went to begin cooking. I made the enchilada’s and put them in the oven. I used our black beans and some enchilada salsa verde I made last fall and froze in addition to our onions, frozen peppers(last yrs harvest) and a little enchilada seasoning, garlic and canned red enchilada sauce topped it off with cheese. So then I finely sliced the peeled jicama, thinly cut the papalo on top, added the chopped candy onion, a little salt, half a lime juiced, and a tiny dash of olive oil. OH MY GOODNESS I’M TALKING HEAVEN!!!!!!! I’m enjoying how the hot enchilada’s and salad compliment each other too. This stuff is going to be my new obsession this summer. I can’t wait for the Aji Dulce peppers to come in and experiment with those two together. I googled Papalo and the 1st thing that came up was an LA Times blog about it latimesblog.latimes.com/home_blog/2012/07/papalo.html Well I’m almost done eating this lovely dinner and must get over to the garden to pull weeds till dark. Sue@Lmu
ps I’d never heard of this herb but it was in the Southern Exposure Seed Exchange catalog and Bonnie(our greenhouse guru) and I both like Mexican food so we decided to try it.