The last few weeks have been incredibly dry for our gardens. We have had very little rain over the past few weeks making it tough on the plants. The lack of rain hasn’t stopped insect from feeding on some of the plants in the garden. We have been delivering pesticide to the families along with fungicide for the tomatoes.

We have been harvesting some produce from our garden over the last few weeks. We have harvested 77 pounds of cabbage, 60 pounds of broccoli, and 20 pounds of onions. We still have half of our cabbage to harvest as it grows and one row of onions. We have removed all of the broccoli and cabbage plants to prevent them from attracting disease or pest that could spread to other plants.

The tomato plants in the high tunnels are really growing and are filled with tomatoes. Tomatoes are all still green but we expect them to start ripening at anytime. We have had one problem with the primo red variety of tomato plants. We’ve had to remove five primo red plants from the tunnels because they became infected with a fungus sclerotinia. The plants presented with wilting leaves and upon inspection on the main stem we found a white mold and decay. The plants have to be removed and burned to prevent it from spreading to the soil where it can infect plants next year.IMG_0739 IMG_0740 IMG_0742 IMG_0743

All of our families are doing a wonderful job with their gardens.  These are some pictures of their gardens.