With all the various crops LCAAHC grows, of-course we shall have to spend some hours or days weeding. This week in particular, alongside the youth in the garden program, we weeded the tomatoes, onions, along the rows and believe you me, it was real work.

When weeding, we primarily use a hoe if the rows are wide enough, and hands when we come close to the plant. Where I come from (Africa); however,  a hoe looks like the one below. This hoe is used for digging.


But I was surprised that here, they looked like this-so small.

On another note, I was so glad we got rid of the weeds especially those growing with the white onions because they we so many it looked more of a garden of weeds with some onions at some point. And the weeds grow so fast.

Weeds should be removed often because, generally, they compete with the crops for sunlight and soil nutrients.

Meanwhile, below is a snap pic of the onions before we weeded them and after.

Before weeding the white onions

Before weeding the white onions

many of the weeds taken out (by hand)

after many of the weeds were  taken out (by hand)