Well it’s that time of year where everything’s growing at hyperspeed right? We are struggling to control the weeds and tend to the plants. We are working hard to get tomatoes pruned, Florida weaved, and sprayed with fungicide. We are also trying to get the beans that run tied up. We are trying very hard to get shredded paper around the squashes and cukes to help control the bugs. The weeds are ‘sigh’ growing 3 times at least faster than anything. Oh and the garlic is starting to want to be harvested. And we won’t talk about My insane project of trying to save the okra which came in slow and spotty but the weeds 10times faster. It has been very picky weeding around each found plant, putting newspaper and mulch over everything else but we are winning at the moment. But are we ever enjoying the fruits of the garden onions, summer squashes, cabbage, cukes, greens etc. YUMMMMMMM Sue@Lmu