Recently, while visiting a fellow gardener,  I was pleasantly surprised to find her in the garden harvesting dinner!  That is right, she was picking dinner.  First she went to the broccoli patch and harvested some beautiful heads of broccoli.  Then she moved over to the shallots and pulled all that were ready.  Later I watched as she braided those beauties into a long braid she hung to dry.



Beautiful Broccoli











Shallots hanging to dry














Red potatoes




Then she moved on to the potato patch to dig a pan full of lovely red potatoes.  By this time I was wondering was she had planned for supper!










Next she went to her herb garden and harvested a huge amount of parsley.  She told me she planned to freeze what she did not use for dinner.







I followed her inside to see what creation she would make from this wonderful array of vegetables.  What she made, and invited me to try was a wonderful dish that I would like to share here with you.


Smashed Potatoes with Broccoli

4lbs of potatoes

2 broccoli heads

1/2 cup whole milk (from her cow)

1/2 cup heavy cream (same cow)

1/4 cup butter (yep that cow again)

2 shallots, chopped

parsley, salt and pepper to taste


Warm the milk cream and butter, mean while cook the potatoes and broccoli until done.  Mash the potatoes and broccoli together, add the milk mixture and mash together.  Add the shallots, parsley, salt and pepper to taste.

Add a fresh made roll and you have supper.  I would add some bacon pieces for my meat-eating bunch.  Now that is called fresh food!!

Happy Gardening!



Waynette Harness