In the pictures is the VanNatter family garden, this is their first year being a part of the Grow Appalachia program. They are growing all sorts of different vegetables from lettuce to corn and green beans too. As you can see they had a great idea, they used an old bath tub to grow their cucumbers in. They started off with rocks on the bottom so water can drain out of it, then done a mixture of dirt and sand. With the cucumbers being in the tub, they are off the ground and the vines are able to hang freely. They are growing the corn and green beans together so their beans can grow up the corn stalks. They have four different kinds of tomatoes growing and many different peppers also. They have strawberries that they have planted in different things instead of making a strawberry bed. Their little boy loves going to the strawberry vines and picking the ripe strawberries almost on a daily basis. There is five people in their family so buying food can be expensive for them, their goal is to be able to raise a garden and not only eat healthy but be able to feed their family easier.

 The VanNatters in their garden.

The VanNatters in their garden.

They really want to learn how to can their food, so they are able to when growing their gardens in the future. They have been able to grow more things this year by being a part of the program, which has enabled them to try new things. The VanNatters want to say thank you to the Grow Appalachia program , they are able to feed their children healthy and organic food with no problem. For them, the Grow Appalachia program has been open to supplying them with the seeds and plants that they were unable to afford.

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Their three kids love working in the garden with them and being able to garden; watching the seeds turn into plants truly amazes them. They are able to show their children, because of the Grow Appalachia program, how much hard work can pay off in the end. They planted basil with their tomatoes plants to keep the bugs away and so far they have not had any trouble with bugs eating on the plants. When they planted their rolls of tomatoes, they put the basil beside them and on the other side of they basil they planted peppers. They have planted marigolds around the garden to keep the snakes away also. Their garden is an organic garden, so they use the old traditional ways to keep pest away.

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Happy Growing!!