Teresa explaining to the group what she needed help with


OH what a wonderful week we have had!  Long, hot, and sweaty but, productive and fulfilling at the same time.  We were once again blessed with a wonderful group of teenagers and their adult chaperones.  This group was on a mission trip from Alabama.  They helped us work in the gardens of some of our participants who were sick or in need.  A few weeks ago I introduced you to Ms. Teresa.  She grows alot of food for her family and also for our local food bank.  Her father is a big help in the 7 gardens on her property.  Her father unexpectedly got sick.  Her garden’s were in need of work.  We took this wonderful group of kids to her farm.  They set right to work!








The kids marching threw the garden



What a sight it was to watch these young people marching into the gardens to start the weeding and hoeing that was needed.








What a sight!



All these hands made short work of garden number one.  This was just the beginning.








Beautiful onions!


Some of these kids had never seen onions like this growing in a garden.  Some had never seen a garden before.









Another garden producing well


Then on to garden number two.









weeding been rows



These ladies really made the beet rows look good!  After putting in about 3 hours of work.  They moved on to other obligations for their trip.  They returned the next morning raring to go!








Beautiful garden



Garden number 3 was tackled the next morning.








Teresa and the kids



Teresa showed the kids what was plants and what was weeds.








Tomato garden



Garden number 4 is a beautiful tomato garden.  The boys in the group had this garden worked before we even knew they were there!








Harvesting lettuce


The workers did not go away empty handed.  Teresa sent the makings of a wonderful salad with the kids.  What beautiful lettuce was growing in her garden!









Beautiful red leaf lettuce


Teresa was a very happy lady by the time these guys were threw for the day.  All her garden were clear of weeds and watered.  In just a few hours these wonderful teenagers and adults had done work that would have taken Teresa days to do.   The helping hands just keep on helping.








That is not all these kids have done this week to help out our program.  Stay tuned for day 3 and 4 in my next blog.  Happy Gardening!



Waynette Harness