Greetings from Park Place

On June 4 Twenty Girls from the YWCA Tech GYRLS gathered at Vance Community Garden to get their hands dirty.  Here is a reflection of their work day:

It’s Morgan again.
When we met at Vance Garden we harvested some veggies that we planted.

Tech GYRLS Harvesting Peas

The things we harvested were snap peas (which were really good!), kale, spinach, and broccoli. Before we harvested them we weeded out the path way and the garden beds, as we did that we got to use unfamiliar tools. After that was when we got to harvest the veggies. While some people harvested others were cleaning and bagging the ones that were already harvested.

Tech GYRLS Learning how to wash produce

Then we planted some sweet potatoes which we found out were morning glory’s! Afterwards we planted marigolds around the garden beds. Soon it was time to leave. Man did we have fun!!  ~ Morgan Shaffer, 12 YOA~


Tech GYRLS Bagging Sugar Snap Peas

Working with Tech GYRLS has been such a great experience.  I can’t thank them enough for their energy and enthusiasm when working on Park Place projects.  ~Deni~