Gardening season is going full swing here in Breathitt and all of our families have been busy tending to their gardens. We have been finishing up our planting of beans and tomatoes. Our families have just received their sprayer pumps filled with Entrust, an organic fertilizer, to help combat pest in the garden. Recently our families had been reporting to us that their potatoes and broccoli were being eaten by bugs. Also our families received their gardens sticks which will help with future planting and with tying tomatoes. Soon we will be delivering fungicide to the families to help combat a fungus that we noticed in our demo garden.

The tomato plants in the high tunnel have really taken off lately with some plants being four feet tall and are covered with tomatoes. THe high tunnels have gotten another improvement with the completion of our solar power water pump. This pump allows us to pump water from the nearby river to large tanks that feed drip tape in the high tunnels. This system is able to pump three gallons per minute and helps cut back on the use of city water and therefore cut back cost in the long run.

We have started to get produce from our garden and harvested over 40 pounds of broccoli. This broccoli was put to good use at Robinson Forest where the forestry students got to enjoy it for several meals.

Our families are doing a wonderful job maintaining their gardens and below I have included some pictures of Mary Haddix’s garden. She has done a wonderful job with her garden and it always looks picture perfect.