Greetings from Park Place

On May 20th nineteen young ladies from Tech GYRLS and their Team Leaders gathered at Sugar Hollow Park to work on the Edible Park.  The following paragraph reflects activities and insights from the afternoon:

“When we went to Sugar Hollow Park we met this guy named Brian. He is a VISTA volunteer. After that Ms. Deni showed us how to tell apart clouds. That was really cool.

Learning about Clouds

Then we put up a fence around the blueberries to keep the animals and other critters out. Then we put cardboard up to cover the weeds and grass so it wouldn’t over power the plants. Afterwards we covered the cardboard up with some mulch we got out of the back of Brian’s truck.

Cardboard Mulch

As others were doing that some others were mapping the area and learning how to use a compass the correct way. We had a blast and can’t wait to go again!!” ~Morgan Shaffer, 12 YOA~


Learning about Compasses


The power of Youth!

Tech GYRLS Mulch Truck