This week I want to focus on one of our new gardener’s Judy Hall. Judy is a Retired Nurse, she is also a Mother and Grandmother. Judy now has a little free time on her hands so she decided to plant a Vegetable Garden, she is not a first time gardener. When she came to get her seeds and supplies, she took her seed home and started them in a paper cup. Judy said she would sit her cups in the sun every day that it shined, they started growing within a week. She is really pleased with her Lettuce Bed, as you will see in The pictures attached. She is so proud of her Half-Runner Beans, tomatoes, and all the other vegetables that she has planted. In fact, she is out of space in her garden and there were several more things she wanted to plant. I told her to use flower pots or have someone to make her a couple of raised beds. If everything goes well with her garden she will have plenty of fresh vegetables. Also, Judy loves to can her vegetables. She came to our first Garden Workshop and we discussed canning and preserving our vegetables. She said she would help with a workshop on canning so the younger gardeners can learn.   I will be having a workshop on Canning your Vegetables probably late July or early August, depending on how the gardens produce, and I will certainly call Judy to help with the Workshop.

Judy's Garden, LEAD-Logan Participant.

Judy’s Garden, LEAD-Logan Participant.

Judy is a very good cook, a Christian who loves to go to Church, and cook wonderful meals. Also, Judy is a Volunteer for Lead Community Organization in Logan county West Virginia, we never have to ask for her to help, she just shows up. Every Monday Judy   spends her time working in the Community Kitchen. Judy is excited about her pumpkin patch, you see, she is the Grandmother of two young ladies, but in October, Judy is going to be called grandmother again. Her son Steve and his wife Lisa are expecting a little boy, her first grandson. I am sure she will be taking a lot of pictures with those two girls and that new grandson in her Pumpkin Patch.

Happy Growing!!!