Sherrie Browning is one of our new participant in our Grow Appalachia Program down on Big Ugly.  Sherrie’s garden is doing very well this year with different kinds of plants, from cabbage to corn. To her advantage, she was able to learn and help her parents grow a garden to feed their family throughout the years.  Now Sherrie is able to take her knowledge of the “old timer” ways and implement them in her own garden. Unfortunately, many of us do not know the “old ways” to grow a garden, but thankfully Sherrie is willing to pass down the knowledge and traditions to other participants in the program. She says it gives her satisfaction to share her hard work in the garden to others, which will lead them to a healthier living and healthier foods.

Sherrie's Garden

Sherrie’s Garden

Sherrie’s garden is organic, completely chemical free, which makes her garden even more amazing to witness. There is so much Sherrie can offer through her knowledge and experience, which is one of the great parts about Grow Appalachia program.   She shares healthy and safe solutions to other participant’s gardening problems.

Sherrie came into the program intending to join with her mother and continuing gardening like she had done throughout her life. But when she started, Sherrie decided it was time to share her gardening experience, not only with the kids, but also with the other participants.  Showing them what she had learned about healthy living. One quote from Sherrie is “It’s not healthy if there isn’t hard work involved into raising the food you are eating. When you grow it yourself you know exactly what you are eating”.

garden from Sherrie Borwning 2014 01

Sherrie has a teenage son who helps, along with her husband, tending their garden. They also help tend her mother’s garden, which is precious quality time with her. Sherrie is an amazing participant, we are all are glad she joined. I think the pictures shows how much she really enjoys growing her garden.