Greetings from Park Place!

Last week saw the end of yet another school year.  This year however, special needs students from Tennessee High School took their final exam in the garden; helping to harvest lettuce, spinach and radishes for their garden wraps.  Many of these students do not like to eat vegetables but when faced with a table full of fresh lettuce, grated carrots, cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers and colorful peppers (no; their garden hasn’t produced some of these yet but they’re all planted!) they dove in with excitement; many of them eating two wraps with grinning faces.

Garden Wrap Party May 2014I love to eat vegetables

Their final harvest included 5 pecks of beautiful head lettuce and a half a peck of broccoli that was just starting to come in.  On two occasions during the day adults were heard talking about the amazing produce.  “I’ve never seen a head of lettuce in a garden before!”  “Oh, so that’s what broccoli looks like growing, I had no idea!”

I've never seen a lettuce like this beforeSo that's what broccoli looks like when you grow it

While some of these students will kick back and take the summer off; most of them will continue to garden one day a week through a summer camp program.  Students were all looking forward to more planting, more harvesting and especially, more tasting of fresh grown veggies!

Harvesting radishes; May 2014Planting Herbs May 2014