Pollination occurs in several ways, people can transfer pollen from one flower to another or let nature take its course . Usually plants rely on animals or the wind to pollinate them.


When insects such as bees, butterflies, moths, and flies, comes in contact with plants pollination is an accidental occurrence . They are feeding off of the sweet nectar produced from the petals of the plants. While feeding, the animals inadvertently come in contact with the stamen. As this occurs, the pollen from the plant covers their bodies.  Once the creature moves to another plant to continue feeding, some of the pollen from the previous plant will come in contact with the stigma and pollinate and fertilize this plant.  Gardeners have gone as far as to set up artificial bee hives to house honey bees to help pollinate there gardens as well as produce the most common thing bees are known for which is honey.  As bees and other insects fly around from plant to plant they provide a service mother nature intended all along.  The pollen from these insects will fall from their bodies as they fly pollinating any plants it comes in contact with.  This also occurs as the wind blows and blows the pollen from plants and trees.


Peacock Lily at a family home on Big Ugly.

Peacock Lily at a family home on Big Ugly.