Half of the wonderful gardeners we had for class.


What a full class we had on Tuesday night!  We love getting to see all our gardeners.  We visit, share ideas, share garden progress and on top of all that we get to learn!







This week Cathy had a full agenda for us.  First she shared the global strawberry bucket that we made last week.  Lots of ideas were thrown out about what else would grow good in these buckets.



The other half plus Cathy our wonderful Master Gardener.












Next she shared her knowledge of composting, and mulching for healthy results in our plants.  She discussed beneficial  insects and how they help our gardens.




Gardeners deep in discussion about the current topic.












One subject that everyone seemed to have an opinion, question or statement about was the Companion Planting part of our class.  Some of the older gardeners had lots of opinions and suggestions on plant buddies.  Of course the one everyone seemed to know was that basil and tomatoes are good companions.  We learned a lot more about different herbs that help not only other plants to grow better, but lots of herbs are insect repellant also.  For instance, we learned that basil also repels Aphids and fruit flies.  For cabbage moths plant mint, sage or dill near by.  Chives and dried sage will discourage mildew around your plants.




Cathy sharing some of the great companion herbs that can be used in our gardens.












What a fun and informative class it was!




Waynette’s raised bed companion salad garden.











I have used companion planting in my garden for several years now.  I have a lot of luck with this method.  For instance in my raised bed salad garden you will find, lettuce, radish, kale, spinach and onions planted along side marigolds, shallots, garlic and parsley.  As you can see in the picture, I do not lack for a good fresh salad!




Waynette Harness