I have been gone from May 19th to May 28th as I have been in training for the program, but the gardens are still growing and we are still working hard.   One thing is for sure, we never stop learning and training and by doing so, we can build the Grow Appalachia program even better.  Enough about that, I want to tell you about Eddie’s garden. Eddie is a first time gardener. In his garden he has all of the vegetables in the ground except sweet banana peppers, bell peppers, and a few cabbage plants.


The cucumber, squash, onions, lettuce, and beans look great! This past Saturday he worked several hours to get everything neat and organized for the visit.  The tomatoes he planted are looking way better than expected.  After seeing how well they’re doing, he has decided to plant more soon. He is looking forward to canning the tomatoes this year for use in the winter.  The only thing he seems to be having trouble with is the cabbage.   I have told him that it will take a lot of love and attention.   I have talked to several people on the phone about their garden and everyone that I have spoken to seems to be doing great once they’ve finally got it going.  The weather sure put everybody behind, but now the sun is shining and the ground is ready.

Logan garden

Participant’s Garden in Logan

Eddie is just one of many gardeners I will be profiling, and I am excited to see the others progressing throughout the season.   We are getting ready for another workshop this week and many have been telling me stories about their growing experience.   We expect to see some good pictures from the gardens as everybody comes together this Friday for the next workshop as we focus on garden progression among the groups.


Happy Gardening!!!!

Bea Sias