This was a busy week for everyone involved in the Grow Breathitt County project. The families involved were busy planting while we were busy delivering supplies to them. Last week at the meeting each family received plants and seeds to plant in their own gardens. They received tomato, pepper, squash, zucchini, cucumber, watermelon, and green beans to be planted in their garden. So while they were busy planting, we were busy deliver bean poles, tomato stakes, and extra plants to everyone. With 30 families all over the county it took some time to get everyone their supplies. In making trips to everyone’s gardens I must say that the families involved are doing quite well with their gardens. You can tell that everyone is taking pride in their garden and keeping them looking good. All their hard work will payoff come harvest time.

This week was also spent getting the demo garden planted with the same plants that we gave each of the families. We planted one row of bush beans and two rows of white runners. We also planted two hills each of zucchini, cucumber, and yellow squash. We also planted a control garden for the high tunnels. We planted the garden just as we did in the high tunnels using the same spacing and the same variety of tomatoes. We planted this garden behind the high tunnels so the soil would be the same type and prepared it the same way.