Spring has certainly Sprung. So much has happened where to start. We’ve planted almost everything. We have a plethora of beans emerging from the good earth along with the corn. We’ve planted rows of tomatoes and peppers and put up the first row of florida weave. We’ve got 3 beds of sweet potatoes in. We’ve had 2 saturdays of selling our plants at the greenhouse and our 1st two days of selling tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and hypertufa’s at the Harrogate farmers market. We earned $709 for our hard work thus far. We are working to get the rest of the plants in the ground and giving them away to our local food banks. The high tunnel is bursting with plants starting to set fruit. We are eating lettuce, bok choy, chinese cabbage, spinach and kale out of our raised beds. We have the most members and raised beds planted we’ve ever had. Those members are doing a great job of showing up for workdays and working their little fingers to the bone while getting to know each other. Mr. Bill got his hay bale garden going monday night and has been on his tractor mowing and turning soil so we can plant. Two of our newest members Glen and Naomi brought us more heritage beans they’ve been growing for yrs Mountain Climbers, Turkey Craw and red peanut beans so we got those right in the ground monday night. The asparagus is doing well. One of our young gardeners Lily delightedly told me she and her sister had eaten the first strawberries monday night, what a smile she had. Our 3 handicapped beds are really gorgeous and thriving so far. The potatoes are doing well although the attack is on by potato and flea beetles so we sprayed with Spinosad last night. We’ve got okra, cuke’s and summer squashs in but they haven’t emerged yet. I’m really sorry for no pictures but my computer I use for them has a virus. Tonight we hope to start paper and leaf mulching the tomatoes and peppers. Phew it’s a busy fulfilling time! happy growing to all1 Sue@LMU