Demo Garden

This week we had a meeting for all of the families involved in Grow Breathitt County. The meeting was started off by Mrs. Brandl who showed the families a delicious way to prepare asparagus as an Asian salad, At each of these meetings we try to introduce the families to food that they may not normally try. Mrs. Brandl brought along samples of the Asian salad for the families to try and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Next we went to the demo garden where David Ditsch instructed the families on variety of gardening tasks. Each family received a copy of their soil sample and he explained what the results meant. David also instructed them on fertilizer and how to use it properly. This was followed up by an explanation on plant and row spacing. Lastly everyone was instructed on how to tie tomatoes and how to string up beans using a trellis system. Before going home each family received tomato, pepper, and eggplants. They also received twine for tying tomatoes and stringing beans.

Overall this was a very informative evening with a lot of valuable information on gardening that will help each of these families be productive gardeners for years to come.