Today was our Grand Opening at the Alderson Community Market – featuring live music, children’s activities, and an impressive and inspiring turn out.

Grow Appalachia participant, Gwendolyn McAllister was there selling salad greens, vegetable plants and mint, as well as raising funds for the VFW. Gwendolyn gardens with her two year old daughter and husband, and is a wonderful asset to the program.


“I’m horrible at keeping things alive indoors but outdoors I seem to do alright. I also like to integrate older companion planting and newer tech to get good results in the garden.”
– Gwendolyn describing gardening challenges and successes

When she’s not spending time in the garden, engaging in volunteer service, or attending Zumba classes, Gwendolyn teaches 1700’s Native American women life ways – including gardening, preservation, seed saving, and food prep. We are grateful for her willingness to share some of these teachings with us.

Other Alderson Grow Appalachia participants will join us for market as the season progresses, and we will highlight them in blog posts as they do.