2014-05-07 16.35.34

Hello folks, We have had some beautiful weather lately. I am enjoying every minute of it, planting and just being outside.

Our Jailer, and work release Lieutenant has been a blessing to us this year. We have advanced progress by two years, thanks to the LCDC work release program. They are great hard working young men, and some are very talented and skilled. With their help we have improved our educational site tremendously.

2014-05-08 11.08.57

This young man has been a plumber for most of his life. We needed his skills to get water installed into our high-tunnels. If not for him, Our site coordinator, Wayne Riley would have had to take a day and do this work, or hire some one to do it. As you can see he jumped right in and save us time and money.

Our Jailer has also allowed the inmates to grow there own garden with us, to supply food for the jail to save on some cost feeding over 300 inmates daily. I think this is good for our community. It puts them to work, and gives them a homegrown healthy diet. Our jailer has utilized these individuals and saved our county a lot of money. Also us as a non-profit, We are grateful to have this opportunity available to us.

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I just wanted to share this, because a lot of people are mislead and assume that these guys are criminals. Well, they are not. To be on the work release program, your charges are minimal, and non- violent. Most of them have just had a bit of bad luck or wrong place at wrong time circumstances. Yes they did break the law, but are just as harmless as me or you, in most cases. In our county that is the case. Our jailer keeps the hardened criminals where they belong, behind bars. We all want to help people, so we here at (LCAAHC) feel that if we can help one inmate decide to change their life, then we have accomplished something. We hope more than one, but we will take it day by day, and by the end of the summer we may have several.

Happy Planting!!!

Good Luck & God Bless