Well the summer decided to pay us a visit with temperatures near 90 degrees several days. This week was spent preparing for our Grow Breathitt county meeting on May 13th. We wanted to make sure that our demo garden was ready for the meeting. We made sure that it was weeded and tilled up more ground for future planting this season. We also planted our tomato and pepper plants.

At this meeting we will be discussing how tomatoes, peppers, and beans. With the help of UK staff we will instruct the patient on the proper method of plant and tending to these plants. The families will learn to tie tomato plant and learn a unique way to string their bean plants. Each family will receive three different tomato plants along with bell pepper and banana pepper plants. We will also be providing the family’s with tomato stakes and bean poles.

One item that the families will be receiving is the garden stick pictured below. This stick serves several purposes in helping the families with their garden. The first side has a ruler that can be used in helping to space the plants. The next side has information on plant spacing within the row and  distance between each row. The third side has the recommended dates for planting and the latest date to plant for each kind of plant. The last side has the recommend number of plants to plant per person. The final feature of the stick is that it has a hole drilled in it so that it can be used to tie tomato plants. These garden sticks are also available for $12.

Garden Stick