Today we visited some of our community   garden sights.  We a wonderful time seeing the great work our gardeners are doing.


Agape Preschool

Agape Preschool



We were especially impressed with what the Sr. Citizen Center in McCreary County is working on.


Elevated garden bed


Because that some of the center members are in wheel chairs, use walkers or just plain unable to bend over, the center opted to use elevated gardening!

We will soon get to see just how it turns out.


Members waiting to get started!


The beds have been constructed and are ready for the soil and plants.  We delivered some organic compost and top soil to help amend the soil they will use.


Lisa unloading soil


Sr. Citizen member checking the plants that will go in the beds

Sr. Citizen member checking the plants that will go in the beds


The members were anxious to be getting their plants.   The rest of the afternoon they had planned to line the beds with landscape fabric, add the soil and get those plants going!






After touring a few other community gardens, We visited for the Grand Opening of  Kristina’s Kitchen, a local vegetarian cafe ran by a beautiful young lady, who just happens to be one of our participants.

We enjoyed a wonderful lunch of which most of the ingredients was from her own garden!

Lunch consisted of a tofu quiche with fresh garden greens of kale, radish tops,  mustard greens all harvested from Kristina’s garden that morning.  Then our soup was a vegetable potato.   We  also enjoyed a nice green salad with homemade herb dressing.  With a a variety of herbal teas to drink.  We then all shared a  fruit salad  in a jar that was delicious.

Our dessert was a wonderful strawberry pudding made with chia seeds and strawberries that came from another one of our community gardens, Beulah Heights.

Kristina’s Kitchen may be visited next to the courthouse on South Main St. in Whitley City or her website:

Thanks to Grow Appalachia our gardeners are beginning to see some dreams come true!






Watch for updates on how those elevated beds are coming along.


Waynette Harness