Seed and Plant Distribution in Scott County

Its GO Time

After much planning, hard work, and lots of anticipation its time for the big event.  Seed and plant distribution.     As a gardener when May 1st  hits everyone is itching to get in the garden and get things growing.  I have gotten numerous calls from participants worried they might have missed getting their plants and seeds.   We gave out cool season crop seeds, organic fertilizer, potatoes, onions already Our gardeners are telling me they starting to harvest things from their gardens.

Miss Beverly has this little plot growing  in the edge of her woods.

Miss Beverly has this little plot growing in the edge of her woods.

Good things growing at Miss Beverly's.

Good things growing at Miss Beverly’s.

In Scott County we have taught our gardeners about cool season crops and warm season crops.  We saved giving our warm season crop seeds and plants until now because  in our area our average last frost date is April 27 according to the USDA hardiness zone map.  Now that’s not to say we might not get another frost , but chances are we will be safe from frosts.

plant hardiness zone map



Participants couldn’t wait and started  showing up early, lucky for us we were ready.  Sam Krahn  and several of his students were on hand to help.  These high school boys worked hard gathering  the plants for each participant  and carrying them to their cars.  Our Photographer was a  high school student Lucas who did a fabulous job  for us.



Cathy Lackey and Mr Duncan

Waynette and Eve helping Participants

Waynette and Eve helping Participants


Participant Tressa Honeycutt inspecting her seeds





Busy Busy Busy


High school boys 



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