Mobile Farmers Markets, or food trucks, are becoming increasingly popular around the region and nation. In Mingo County, where much of the population live in rural areas, and often without access to cars and therefore unable to make it to the farmers market or grocery store for fresh produce, this idea is finally starting to take form.

Last month, the Williamson Farmers Market discovered that it would be receiving funding to launch the Mingo Mobile Market pilot program. Much of the produce for this market will be obtained from the Ramella Park community Garden of Eatin’, and from our largest producers for the market. Below are some pictures of our produce that is already growing beautifully!!

collards peas

On Monday, we had our first planning meeting in conjunction with our local foods meeting, and the support for the project was overwhelming. We were able to identify drivers, someone to help retrofit our trailer (we plan to use a “coolbot” cooling system in a 5’x7’ hitch trailer), and nail downmarket times and locations.

The market will travel on Wednesdays to different locations throughout the county. We have committed to six locations where the market will be taking place during the week. This will include Matewan, Delbarton, Dingess, Gilbert and Kermit. We are very very excited for this opportunity!

ON ANOTHER NOTE! Our farmers market starts th