I have missed blogging for the past couple weeks, all because we have been busier than ever since the weather has improved greatly. All future blogs will be on time if I have to give up sleep.

We finally got our soil test results back, and they were great! We need no additives! That’s sort of shocking since our land was once a coal mine.

We have more raised beds constructed, and part of the large garden spot plowed. We had our participants get together and got them started. We have plowed and tilled for two of them and they have begun planting.  They are very excited about this program.

We have lots of life in some of the raised beds, we have onions, lettuce, potatoes, peas, radishes, beets, strawberries, carrots, corn, peppers, cabbage and tomatoes all sprouted up. The strawberries are producing already, a couple at a time, but they are growing. We plant more daily, sometimes between rain drops.

We may have more participants than we first acquired, simply by word of mouth and contact with the Extension Office here. We recently met a lady that wanted to borrow our kitchen a few times a month for her business. She makes her own jams, jellies, candy and other food, and has agreed to help with the classes.

There has been a lot of requests for a Farmers Market in the area, and we are looking into that for the future!

Our work groups that will be coming in this summer are very excited to be involved with this program, and have pledged resources and labor. In July, we will have 10-12 volunteers from Youth Works each week to help as well.

The free chickens we were promised will be here any day, and we are ready for them.

We are so ready for a nice big fresh salad!

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