Greetings from Park Place!

Last week, bitter cold temperatures engulfed our community.  We scrambled to cut floating row cover and protect as much as we could from freezing temperatures.

Little Brassicas hoping for the best; remay

The night began with cloud cover and light drizzle but gave way to clearing skies and dropping temperatures.  23 degrees in April is NOT ideal!  Luckily, what we covered survived.

Broccoli under cover

The following day saw temperatures back in the normal range and we saw that our efforts were worth the energy.  Lettuces, brassicas, peas (which are usually hardy enough to take a hit) were all fine having spent the night under cover.

Preparing for April Freeze - lettuce and peas under cover

The newly emerged beets weren’t as lucky.  We lost a whole bed of beauty beets, but the carrots made it.  Strange…

Tis the season for fluctuation!  ~deni~