Well just when we thought that warmer weather was here to stay Old Man Winter decides to pay us a visit for a few days. Early this week we were met with a frost several morning along with snow showers on Tuesday. Thankfully is does not appear that the cold spell hurt any of our crops. Not much happened in the gardens early this week due to the weather, but we were still busy getting thing ready. We spent one day in the wood shop cutting out all the tomato stakes along with poles for green beans.

Once the weather started warming up on Thursday we were able to get back out in the gardens . We have now finished plowing all of the Grow Breathitt County families’ gardens. Our last garden was an interesting one. The reason we had waited so long to plow their garden was due to us not being able to get a tractor across their bridge. Their bridge is what we consider a low water bridge and anytime the river raises just a few feet it covers the bridge. We had tried several times to till, but the water was always up too high. This family has a swinging bridge they use when the river is up. We had to use the swinging bridge earlier in the spring so we could get a soil sample. This family also has our largest garden, so they were excited to have us come till.

The last thing we worked on this week was our Grow Breathitt County high tunnels. We have two high tunnels approximately 12 feet by 36 feet. We planted three rows of tomatoes in each high tunnel. These high tunnel offer an affordable way for people to grow crops a little earlier in the spring and a little later in the fall than they would be able to do otherwise.