cabbages, kales, kohlrabi's, cilantro, onions

cabbages, kales, kohlrabi’s, cilantro, onions

1980-07-18 09.42.54 1980-07-18 09.43.44 1980-07-18 11.48.12Here is Dan and daughter Dea(possibly misspelled) she is cutting blinds for plant markers and dad is doing the printing.  They make a great team don’t they?  Also above is our hay covered potato slip beds which we discovered monday nite are growing.  YEAH!  The other greenhouse picture is all the rest of the plants we’ve started primarily tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and misc.  All are doing great!!!!!  We’ve had 2 successful workdays and hopefully today will be the 3rd.  We hope to finish newspapering and strawing our raspberry beds, plant strawberries and onions.  Mr. Bill will be mowing and digging holes for some donated fruit trees to go in Friday.  Hopefully everything has made it through the big freeze last nite which we are also hoping will be the last big freeze.  We spent our monday meeting having a tour of the farm, greenhouses, high tunnel and learning how to plant in the raised beds.  A Blessed Easter to All.  Sue