In the last sustainable williamson post, I mentioned different ways to collect rainwater at community gardens. This included the use of PVC piping, to collect into an IBC container, as well as the use of guttering that flows into a regular 55-gallon rain barrel.

Last weekend, in the midst of beautiful, 60 degree weather, we held out first rain barrel workshop at the Williamson community garden of eatin’.

Web had 17 people turnphoto 4 out, which surpassed my goal of 15. Master Gardener Ingrid Curry, who

has led a workshop for us in the past, and her husband Bruce Curry, who help  design our garden space, led the workshop.

They identified a low-cost way ($25 rain barrel and $10 kit to make it usable) for us to turn four 55-gallon drums into the perfect instruments for catching rain water.

Below you will find some of the pictures of the event that will help demonstrate what we did exactly. Please take note of the beautiful spring blue skies.

photo 2 photo 1 photo 4