Greetings from Park Place!

When the TechGYRLS volunteered at Vance Garden in Bristol, TN, we did some exciting things! First, we learned some very useful planting tips. We learned that you can use two hands to give the plants room whenever you plant them, which made this a fun educational trip.


 When we first got to the garden site, Mrs. Peterson explained the plants that we would be planting that day. She also made flash cards for us to learn the names. She also had us explore and find sticks. Then, she had a gigantic piece of yarn that she used to stretch from one side of the garden to the other. With that she had us take our sticks and tie the yarn onto to them. Now that we had the garden mapped out, she had us lay out another pieces of yarn, this teaches you where your feet go.


 It was fun and very helpful for planting our own garden. I think everybody enjoyed just spending time in the good weather and helping our environment. I think garden will turn out very well.  We put in a lot of effort to see it become successful.

written by Brooklyn Burkett, Age 13  Tech GYRLS, Bristol, TN