The weather has certainly warmed up nicely, but the fields can’t catch a break when it comes to rain.  Everyone is complaining about spring plantings being delayed, but not much can be done outside of greenhouse work and high tunnel planting.  The five day forecast is calling for isolated thunderstorms every other day, which is not enough time for our fields to dry out.

We will be having our Organic Gardening workshop this Thursday at the Laurel House here on campus at Pine Mountain Settlement School.  I will be leading the workshop to talk about organic soil amendments and strategies for pest control and disease management including cover cropping, crop rotation, resistant varieties, as well as methods for chemical applications.

Though the weather is not cooperating for plant production, our culinary mushroom logs inoculated last year have already had a respectable flush.  It just goes to show that developing a diverse production system, though complicated, is the best way to encourage resilience.