2014-03-29 14.16.43

Hi everyone, hope you all are as excited about spring as I am. To see the trees budding and flowers’ blooming is awesome. Easter is just around the corner, and we all know that it’s about to get hectic in the garden. This by far is my favorite time of the year, although it means long hard days outside. To see our peach trees getting little green buds all over, I get more and more excited each day as I check on them and there are more buds.

2014-03-29 14.14.53

Our lettuce and onions are doing well. They have been in the dirt a little over a week, and it’s like I can see them growing right before my eyes. I guess because it has been raining the last few days, I haven’t got to plant anything new.

2014-03-29 14.14.10

The only problem we have encountered so far is the Easter Lilies! Although they are beautiful, and won’t stick around long they are everywhere in our garden right now. I know that once Easter passes, so will the Lilies. If anyone wants any to take to their home yards or to plant around your garden or high-tunnels, let us know we have plenty and are willing to share.

2014-03-29 14.16.30

The warmer weather makes it hard to stay inside, after the cold brutal winter we had. I am going to have to make myself pick one day per week to stay inside so I don’t get behind on my paperwork. With that being said, G.A. Family any suggestions on what I should do to not get behind? I’m thinking Monday is the best paperwork day. Let me know which days seem to work best for you guys. Please!


God Bless All Our Gardens!!!