We have received more of our supplies this week, YAY!  Our wheel hoe came, that thing is the coolest gadget! We have got our hori-horis, and the scuffle hoes are on their way.

After much searching, we found untreated corn seeds that came today along with our West Virginia 63 tomato seeds, our sweet potato sprouts will be sent soon. We have strawberry plants coming out our ears.

We planted some beans and got some of the cabbage plants in the ground. We have potatoes in buckets,  The lettuce is coming up and so are some of the onions. We started some corn inside with the intention of transplanting it, and it’s already bigger than the cup.

Several of our tomatoes and peppers we started have fallen over and died, It’s a good thing we started hundreds of each.

The patch we plowed for corn is a swamp right now thanks to all the rain we have gotten in the last couple days, but it can’t stay wet forever. Right?

Next week is site visits and raised beds.

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