Brian here — had a sublime past three days here in Abingdon; on Monday and Tuesday, I fertilized and added compost to our first field, and planted 3 beds of brassicas – one bed of kale, one of cabbage, and one of broccoli!  It was an awesome feeling to release the seedlings from their tray prisons and plant them in the soft soil.  We plan on planting carrots and peas early next week!

DSC02920 DSC02921

Yesterday, I tilled two home gardener’s lawns and a field at Emory & Henry, resulting in 8 hours of straight tilling (minus lunch), so that farmers tan is already starting to come in and my lanky self is beyond sore!  I hope we see many, many more days like these in the future – but am pretty glad we are getting some rain today (and it’s nice to finally sit down).  I purposely pushed my desk work to today and tomorrow because I knew a storm was looming!

I hope all is well in the rest of Appalachia, and want to come visit some local sites soon!  Much love.