2014-03-29 14.19.27

Hello everyone, we finally got to plant something this last week. YAY! In one of our high-tunnels we planted lettuce and onions. I enjoyed getting my hands dirty for the first time this year. We planted Hybrid Candy, and Superstar Onions. They are the big ones like you slice and put on sandwiches. The lettuce is green leaf lettuce also used for sandwiches or salads.

2014-03-29 14.14.53

2014-03-29 14.14.10

A group of us got together and made a fun couple of hours planting.  One used a tape measure so we could keep each plant evenly spaced from the other. No it isn’t necessary, but we like for things to look neat and pretty as they grow. Another made the holes for the plants, someone else fertilized the hole, and handed the plants to the people on the ground, who put the plants in the hole and covered them.

 2014-03-29 14.15.10

Now that spring is here, we hope that the rain comes in moderation so that we don’t get water logged. As you can see from the pictures we got quite a bit of rain last night. We are optimistic and going to say it’s not going to be a rainy year.

2014-03-29 14.18.27

Our next project is to finish planting the high-tunnels, then off to planting in the ground. Happy planting Everyone!!!

                    2014-03-20 18.29.05