Scott Christian Care Center has been a flurry of activity. Scott County and McCreary County’s growing seasons are off and running. We have had several meetings introducing our participants to the program and the staff. We have our soil samples done and on the way. We are learning what cool season crops can be planted now.  Spring Gardens are being put in the ground.

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Potato seed waiting to be divided

Each participant receives a binder full of information. One handout included in the binder showed us what cool season crops are and how to start the Spring garden. Some of those are cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, carrots, radishes, greens of all kinds, potatoes and onions.

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Onion sets waiting to be divided for our gardeners.

Over the past few weeks we have distributed 3000lbs of potato seed, 400lb of onion sets and hundreds of pounds of these cool season crop seed.  We have also given out tons of fertilizer.

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Tom ready to give out fertilizer.

We had some participants who volunteered to help divide the seeds and distribute them to our gardeners. Without their help we would still be working on this. We are thankful for those who are willing to give their time and energy to help others in our community.

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Volunteer participants, Teresa Young, Glenda Newport, Cathy Lackey and Beverly Walker

We are well on our way to a wonderful year of learning, gardening and giving!!



~Waynette Harness,  UT Master Gardener