Spring is just around the corner. WhaWhooo! A lot has been going on here at (LCAAHC). Busy, busy, busy. As you know we are in development of our educational site. These last couple weeks we have been working on the installation on the water system and solar power. We are going to use water from the well in our neighbor’s yard in our high-tunnels.  We had to dig a trench to bury the water line in. What a job that was, Thank goodness for mechanical tools! Without them, we would have never gotten as far as we have. With the hot, dry summer I predict we will have this is a great accomplishment. Even though we aren’t finished we have made great progress.

Our neighbor is such a generous man, allowing us to use his family well. He says that it has been there for over 65 years. He moved here at nine months old, and the well was already there. Throughout his life, before city water came through. The whole neighborhood could get water from this one well, when all the others would go dry. He let us use his well for FREE. Let us dig up his yard. And put up with us being in his yard for the last few days. You don’t meet many people like that anymore. So, we would like to thank him for his contribution and kindness.

Our community is coming together! We keep trying! They keep coming! YAY! That’s what we are all about!

Sorry for not posting picture’s with this blog. I promise there will be plenty throughout the summer. Just didn’t have any on hand for today. God Bless All!!! 🙂