So first we had our 1st field trip meeting of the year. We drove down to Tazewell to hear Dr. Lockwood from UT give a very informative talk about fruit crops. On wednesday Mr. Bill and I met at the garden. I actually got to the garden ahead of Bill and watered the flats of onions- no sign of sprouting. Then I headed down to see if anything was alive in the low tunnel and high tunnel. I was amazed to find that the spinach in both had survived. The spinach in the low tunnel was really great soooo I promptly started eating it and weeding it. YUM!!!!! Bill had picked up lime from the co-op and borrowed a big tractor and spreader from LMU. He spread the lime on the gardens and I unloaded the straw which is for the asparagus, blackberry and raspberries beds. I cut back the asparagus stalks. Then I went back to the low tunnel to pick a batch of spinach to send home for he and Debbie for dinner. Oh the spinach in the regular garden survived too but doesn’t look to good but I think with the warm up and rain we will get a decent crop off it yet. It was a rough winter and we sure didn’t get much out of our fall greens as compared to last winter.
Last nite we had horrible storms here which actually blew a door off my house. After I got a carpenter to work on that I headed over to the garden to check on stuff there. The high tunnel sides were blown out of their pockets but it’s ok, thankfully. The greenhouses are fine too and (yeahhhh) The onions are sprouting like crazy.. Hope everyone is well and enjoying the warm week. Sue