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seed viability test

seed viability test

Last winter Mr. Bill planted a package of a romaine type lettuce in a bed in the greenhouse. We enjoyed it from late winter through late spring when it got hot and it started to seed out. Mr. Bill said he was going to clean out the bed. I whined no no let it go and let me get seed. So sometime in the summer I finally got around to gathering the seed and promptly misplaced it. Saturday when Bonnie and I planted onions in the greenhouse there sits on the shelves the envelop of seeds. Again I whine on nooooooo they certainly can’t have survived all the cold weather we’ve had. She shrugged well you never know take it home and do a viability test. I took it home and before I could forget it again I sprinkled some on a wet paper towel folded it in half put it in a baggie and threw it on top of the fridge. This morning I remembered to check it. Miracle of miracles they’ve sprouted. I think I’ll wait a couple more days and eat them as micro-greens. They are greening up nicely sitting here in the light of the window. I’m going to make up little bags of them to share with our club members. Probably a perfect activity for tomorrow as we will probably be snowed in. Take Care Gardeners, Sue@Lmu

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