We are excited about starting year 2 of our Grow Appalachia Program here in Breathitt County.  Last year we worked with 20 families.  While most of the families completed the trainings we did have a couple that slacked off near the end.  One of our biggest battles seemed to be getting harvest results back from producers.  Hopefully this year will be better.  As with any first year of any new program things can be a little rough.  With one year under our belts we are eager to get started and make 2014 a better program.We have increased our program by 50% so now we will be working with 30 families.  We are in the process of advertising the program and already have had a few members from last year express interest in returning.  Our first meeting with participants will be in February.We have taken the opportunity to contract our plants locally.  In our county there is a KY Juvenile Detention center that serves our region.  As part of the “treatment” the youth receive at the Detention Center, there is a greenhouse that youth get hands on experience in the entire greenhouse process.  We have been in contact with administration at the Detention Center and they will be growing all of our plants that the participants receive this year!  We are excited about the opportunity to work with them and not only support local families but also play a small part in the rehabilitation of troubled youth from our region.