2013-10-11 20.05.33

Hello everyone!

Another year is here and it is time for all of us to get our thinking caps on and get started on another year of spectacular gardening, idea trading, and brainstorming ideas of how to be the best Appalachian gardeners that we can be! We are excited to here from everyone and here what you all have come up with during this very cold winter.

Here at (LCAAHC) we are trying something many of you may already be doing. We have decided to give the row cover a try. It is supposed to help keep down on the unwanted growth of weeds in our garden. We have started with 14 rows in our community garden. It will produce 28 rows of vegetables this year. We will be able to plant 2 rows of vegetables per 1 row of plastic. At this time we have 4 rows of strawberries planted and with spring just around the corner we are excited to see how it is going to work.

Good luck to all and Happy Gardening!