Looks frozen, but it the garden dream month

Looks frozen, but it is the garden dream month

I know it’s crazy, but in some ways January is my favorite gardening month.  Strange, but true.  All the new catalogs arrive in the mail and I peruse them for hours and hours.  My favorite bedtime reading.  Everything in the pictures is so fresh and beautiful.  The descriptions are all in completely positive language.  Nothing says “extremely susceptible to XX bugs or YY disease.”

I am totally dreaming about how I am redesigning the garden and its protocol to make it so much better.  I’ll plant tomatoes here so they get more light and air.  We will make a much bigger sweet potato patch because we ran out by the end of December.  They taste so good and are so high in nutritional value.  On and on I dream and plan.  No dry spells, or wet spells have spoiled my best laid plans.  While it has been dreadfully cold, there have been no late frosts.  The deer and rabbits have not spoiled anything either. I see the garden with gardener eyes: all beautiful and productive.

Big Ugly Creek is cloaked in ice and snow

Big Ugly Creek is cloaked in ice and snow

Marcelle came over tonight and we started going over the seed catalogs to decide what buy to start planting in the greenhouse.  Supplies for the greenhouse repair were delivered today in the biting cold.  Too cold to work on the repairs, too cold to try out the new chipper/mulcher.

But we can dream and dream because January is the gardener’s dream month.

Marcelle's half tunnel is well insulated with snow

Marcelle’s half tunnel is well insulated with snow