I just wanted to get off a quick Season’s Greetings to our wonderful Grow Appalachia family. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about everyone’s gardening thoughts and experiences in 2013. It’s inspiring! I’m at my husbands family in Ohio presently we are trying to get to my family in Michigan but they have no power due to the ice storms. Today we will go on to Michigan whether there’s power or not I think. My presents to family this year are canned pepper jelly, pepper relish, green tomato chutney, blackberry jelly, salsa, salsa verde and I’m so delighted to share the bounty of the garden with loved ones. I also swung by the garden before leaving Harrogate and picked lettuce, spinach, kale, broccoli, cabbage, arugula and tat soi to make a salad for Christmas at the family party. I know I know you can’t tell how much joy the garden brings me. So I hope in closing that you all have a blessed time over the holidays with friends and family. Sue at Lmu