GreenHouse17 (formerly Bluegrass Domestic Violence Program)

Written by: Anonymous

The time I spent in the garden this week was time well spent. The wonderful memories that I recounted in my mind of being back on Grandma’s farm; she had 127 acres and there was always something to do. She would say “if you take care of the earth; it will take care of you.” To me there is nothing more relaxing than being outdoors (weather permitting) and getting Mother Nature all over you. Being able to pull something out of the ground to eat is pretty amazing to me. When I listen to all the animals I think that is very relaxing too. I also want to thank you for sharing your garden with me; all the plants were so big, you took great care and pride in it and it shows.


This post is part of our Field Notes series written by survivors of intimate partner abuse who are enrolled in our agency’s farm stipend program.