GreenHouse17 (Formerly Bluegrass Domestic Violence Program)
By S.

This week in the garden I did a lot of weeding throughout the green beans and gourds. I was a little over halfway through the weeding the green beans and heard some squeaking sounds! I didn’t know what to think! I kept on and started seeing what looked like pulled up weeds with cotton mixed in the webbing. I kept hearing the squeaking sounds and started lifting it all up and found a nest of four baby rabbits. They were only probably the size of gerbils. They were so cute. It was the first time I ever found anything like that. I made sure they were all in their nest and covered them back up so there mama could take care of them. It was an amazing find for me.

I also worked on some weeding in the sweet potatoes. They were a mess. Other than the rabbit find, I ended up cutting some beautiful flowers and I made some arrangements for the house, and also for some of the women I knew were having a hard time. It felt so good to make some of the women happy and take their minds off of what they were going through, even if it was only for a short time. Making the arrangements gave me some peace and happiness too! I like weeding a lot because after you’re done, you can sit back and see how much you’ve accomplished. It’s very satisfying.

This post is part of our Field Notes series written by survivors of intimate partner abuse who are enrolled in our agency’s farm stipend program.