Much progress has been made again this week at the Williamson Community Garden of Eatin’!!! We have finally started on the ground construction of the arbors at the gardens. We have a lot of preparation to do for the volunteers who will be coming at the end of October, and putting up the arbors is one of them. This will help clear some of the space for them to lay some aggregate and improve the pathways for the handicap accessible while they are here. Check out the photos below to see the first two arbors that we got up yesterday. We plan to do a few more tonight. It’s a lot of work but it is going to look great! Eventually we plan to grow grapes and other edible vines.

Alexis Batausa looks up at Eric Mathis and Bruce Curry working on the arbors

Alexis Batausa looks up at Eric Mathis and Bruce Curry working on the arbors

Inside of our high tunnels, we now have most of our fall crops ready to be harvested. Lettuce, turnips, radishes, kale and eggplants will be picked today for the market tomorrow. In the next few weeks we should have broccoli kohlrabi and more!

This weekend, we will have our second crafts day event at the market. The first day we had a variety of crafts including homemade tutus and bows, soaps, candles, lotions, and beautiful woodcarvings. This time, after much success, we have added several new vendors including a woman who will be selling scarves, and a man who will be selling homemade stone and coal potters. Our first event brought a whole new crowd to the market, and it ended up that are produce selling vendors did exceptionally well that day.

Another addition to our market is the Change Up Juice Bar, which is hosted by local trainer Buddy Preece. Buddy has been selling his fresh squeezed smoothies at the Farmers Market, and has been doing great! It is a pleasure to see new, young faces in our line up!




We have also obtained another baker, who will be adding zucchini and banana breads to our market mixture.

Will share photos from this weekend, next time!