We have been tring our hands at canning a variety of different thing. The first thing was watermelon preserves. This was a very tedious and lengthy process. You only get 5- 1/2 pints every 4 hours. Most people have never heard of or had watermelon preserves. When you mention it, you really seem to get thier attention. Just bring it up in conversation and see what happens.

2013-08-26 17.04.39

2013-08-26 19.57.42

Next we canned tomato juice. Yes, this is a commonly canned item. We are first timers at it. I think we did good. We started out cleaning and dicing our tomato’s. After they were cooked, we tried sieving them with a spoon. We realized it was taking to long, so we got out the food processor and things started going a lot faster. Our juice turned out quite well.

2013-08-30 11.51.48

2013-08-28 15.49.41

2013-08-28 17.02.41

2013-08-28 17.30.14

2013-08-29 12.40.59

Last we canned whole and halved tomato’s. This was the most simple of all. Just skin, core, and slice them in half. Fill your jars, and can.

2013-08-30 13.36.05

2013-08-30 13.36.26

2013-08-30 17.13.36

You can find a lot of these recipes online. But if you would like to use the same ones we did. Let me know and I will gladly help you out on getting them.